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Alternative financial programs


                After MT799 Pre Advice / Response transaction has completed,  SCC Funder partner came to me mentioning that SCC provider has failed to deliver 20M SBLC. They are looking for replacement. If you / your client already paid upfront to SCC and are ready to issue MT760 20M SBLC, please contact me immediately.  The funder offers 8+2 or 1.6M euro non recourse loan. First come first serve basis.  If you do not have SCC provider, I will introduce you to SCC officer.  In that case, you need to provide a proof of fund that can afford to purchase lease SBLC instrument from SCC. The Funder will provide a verified Bank Refund Guarantee letter as a security


                You or your client shall issue MT760 2M SBLC to our trader / funder. In 40 banking days upon receipt of MT760 verification and confirmation, our trader / funder will issue 20M non-recourse loan. No Repayment required.


                Not so many funders have offered a bank refund guarantee. Here is a simple procedure – 1. Funder’s a licensed commercial bank (Nigeria) agrees to issue $50,000 Advance Payment Guarantee (Bank Refund Guarantee. 2. After verification and authentication of $50K APG letter, you or your client shall wire $50,000 to the Funder’s Nigeria bank account. 3. Within 30 banking days upon receipt of $50K payment, the funder will issue $750,000 non-recourse loan.


                Investing $10,000 minimum in FOREX Trading Program and receiving average 40% monthly return.


                UBS, Singapore – only owned bank instruments from prime banks. The funder will issue MT799 Bank Payment Undertaking after receiving MT799 Pre-Advice

                ICBC, China – Both leased and owned bank instruments are accepted but only from prime banks. The funder will issue MT799 Bank Payment Undertaking after receiving MT799 Pre-Advice. The payout will come from HK

                UOB, Singapore – Both leased and owned bank instruments are accepted but only from prime banks. The funder will issue MT799 Bank Payment Undertaking after receiving MT799 Pre-Advice.


            Luxembourg – MT799 Blocked Funds, MT542 or MT760 is accepted by the Private Platform but only from prime bank. These instruments must be owned. The bank instrument owner must sign a trading contract.

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How it’s best to trade the stocks (CFDs) on the MT4 platform.

traders academy club
So here are few tips I want to give you for better results!
1- Always prefer buys. You see, Stocks, not as Forex, are theoretically unlimited to the upside, as it’s a simple representation of a company value. Forex is different as it is currency vs. currency. So for stocks, prefer the buys, unless the whole market is bearish and crashing.
2- Aim for bigger risk reward. CFDs, especially to the upside. CFDs, when they are in momentum, can pay back BIG time. So it’s much easier to take bigger profits there.
3- Trade volatility based systems, to enjoy the most of the volatility and the trend riding. Such as sRs 2.0 which is all about the volatility. The setups using this system provide you much better entries on the right time to enjoy from full potential ride.
4- Join higher time frames trends. It gives you extra points to end up with big winner.
5- Play smart! Keep your risk low, and aim for big returns. At the end of the day, trading is a statistical numbers game.
Here is an example of the trade taken in the Traders Academy Club 2 days ago.
The chosen stock – Bayer.

Weekly Trend

4H bullish reversal after bullish divergence –
And the entry after all the signs, is a peace of cake –
And that’s my friend – how you get monster returns! You don’t need many of these, you need few good ones, and it will boost your profits up!
And…. yes, the sRs is available for you for free, here –
And if you already have your copy, rock on! Use the tips above and enjoy the rides!
See you in the academy club –
Yours for your success,