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My earnings reached 3,000 per month and continues growing

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my story here, and finally decided to take a chance. I met WestLand Storage company when I was looking for a way to achieve financial independence. And I did it. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

I do not want to make a big laugh about my life and what preceded my investment. We will manage with the fact that I had certain savings, and I believe that money should not just lie like that, but should work. That is why I started looking for where I could invest them.

This company has advised me a friend who is professionally engaged in investment, I have studied the site, delving into the essence of what the company represents, and realized that it was time to invest. But of course putting all the eggs in one basket is dangerous, so I decided to experiment with a small part of the amount.

I invested 1,000$ and was extremely surprised when, in addition to earnings, I also received the “VIP” level, which increased my profit percentage by 0.1%, improved the affiliate system, allowed me to conclude a personal contract with the company and gave a few promotional codes by 5%.

Cool! But, of course, I did not run headlong to invest the rest of my savings, but decided to wait a bit and check whether I really get the promised profit. A few days later I took off my accumulated profit and realized that the time had come to increase the amount of investment. And at this moment the company held the offer “Week of double progress”. I thought it was a great opportunity and invested another $ 2,000 to get the Silver level. In addition, I used the promotional code that I received earlier and my investments grew by 5%.

My profit has grown to 1.2%, the affiliate program has become even better, and I received new promotional codes. In addition, the new title “Silver” warmed the soul, but something still was missing …

I told a friend that I had already received Silver level. And he said that he has Gold level long time ago. Of course, I was happy for him, but I decided that it was impossible to lag behind and I needed to achieve this level too. Moreover, a week of double progress was still in force, and to get the “Gold” level I would have to invest only about 4 thousand .. So I decided to do it!

Having received the “Gold” level, I reached the figure of 1.3% of daily profit and again received a lot of bonuses, among which are promotional codes for 10%! I could not even dream that I would receive such a high and fast profit from my investments.

Now in my personal account I have a personal offer with a discount of 50% on the next level. I will take this opportunity to increase my earnings, which I advise to you too!

⚡Update⚡ Recent BTC drop caused Alt markets crash especially this situation negatively affected ETH.


Recent BTC drop caused Alt markets crash especially this situation negatively affected ETH. ETH is under pressure of bad fundamentals and is being dumped due to that fact.

Nevertheless the technology is outdated and can not solve the scalability problem there is still no operating platform which can be trusted as ETH.

It’ll take time for EOS venture platform to become popular so ETH still has time. We recommend to buy ETH that cheap and sell at the rebound. It is a quick and reliable trading opportunity.

Consider this update a signal to buy ETH & EOS for Short-Medium-Long Terms.

Restrain yourselves from Trading Altcoins until BTC trading below $7,500. (SRS)

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