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How to avoid these common PPC mistakes

Whether you’ve just started with PPC or work in the industry for years, you still remember a mistake that you’ve never thought you could make. After all, human errors are part of our nature.

Every PPC professional is guilty of making at least one mistake at some point. Whether it was important or not, it’s good to recognize it to make sure you’re not repeating it.

We’ve decided to focus on the most common mistakes you can make when it comes to PPC and here’s a list that can serve as your next checklist on the mistakes you need to avoid.

Wrong targeting and bidding

An important part of a successful PPC strategy is the right targeting. Just because you have the ideal target audience in mind from previous campaigns doesn’t mean that you can guarantee future success.

The wrong audience for a particular campaign or objective cannot bring the desired results, that’s why you need to be careful when setting up your targeting options.

For example, you can narrow down your audience by selecting to use the option of ‘target and bid’. This option allows you to reach the people who are on your retargeting list without wasting your budget on users who wouldn’t meet your criteria. However, it’s common to overlook this tactic to use the ‘bid only’ option that can lead to confusing results, from lower traffic to expensive ads.

Another way to make a targeting error can occur if you’re not excluding the people you don’t want to reach. If you are remarking to a particular audience and you don’t narrow down your options, you risk paying more without seeing the desired goals. In a similar way, if you choose to create multiple lists for your remarking strategy, you may risk reaching the same audience several times, which will increase the total cost of your campaign.

Solution: Create a plan for your targeting and double-check all the options to ensure that you’re optimizing your audience as much as possible. Keep an eye on your campaign once it starts to monitor the initial results.

Wrong use of keywords

Most PPC professionals focus on keywords to discover new opportunities for success. How often do you evaluate your keyword strategy though?

It’s common to assume that some tactics perform better than others, but it’s still useful to evaluate the results.

For example, you may be focusing on keywords that are too broad. This can be a good idea, but it can also a more expensive option. You can test long-tail keywords as a more cost-effective option that can lead to improved results in competitive industries.

Another common mistake is to ignore the use of negative keywords. It’s easy to forget them, but this can also affect your campaign results. Use them as part of your strategy to filter the keywords you don’t need to avoid paying for unwanted clicks.

Last but not least, many companies forget to bid on their own branded keywords. It may sound confusing or unnecessary, but if your competitors bid on your brand’s keywords, then you may miss on prospects who were willing to learn more about your business.

Solution: Pay close attention to your keyword choices and find the ones that work better for your plans.

Ubex ICO – Future of Artificial Intelligence Advertisements


Ubex ICO – Future of Artificial Intelligence Advertisements

Ubex ICO Review - Future of Artificial Intelligence Advertisements

Ubex ICO Review – Digital marketing scenario drastically across the global industry. Programmatic is the automatic purchase of advertising using algorithms that consists of a set of methods aimed at purchasing internet advertising using automated systems and algorithms that make decisions about transactions without human participation.

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Ubex – The Future of Programmatic Services

The classical evolution is generally taught in Business Schools to our marketing leaders and let them analyse the drastic drift in the marketing trends. As the overall evolution of marketing has given the rise to concept of business development, it’s generally dependent on how the way people live, the way of business people prefer, the kind of digital technology they use and the way they sell & purchase.

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources. This has recently launched its global decentralized advertising exchange. The digital marketing industry which was able to earn around $229 Billion during 2017 is estimated to reach around $335 billion by 2020 through the coordinated efforts by Ubex. This is aimed at achieving the same through making use of the highly innovative, revolutionary technology- the “Blockchain Technology”. In the recent times, the global digital marketing industry has been turning its focus to the high-end Block Chain technology towards alleviating or solving several major issues associated with the digital marketing space in the current time.

Future with Ubex

UBEX CEO – Artem Chestnov said that “Ubex is happy to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Civic. With Civic integrated into Ubex, our individual clients will be able to pass through the digital identification process quickly and safely, thus adding security to the advertising industry overall.”

Civic CEO – Vinny Lingham said that “we are pleased to welcome Ubex to Civic’s expanding Partner Network. Our collaboration marks another milestone for Civic’s ecosystem, expanding on-demand, secure, and low-cost access to identity verification services to a variety of industries.”

Mission of Ubex

To create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.  Even to power Technology to Enhance Ubex Platform Security and Accountability. The pioneering global advertising exchange platform has announced a strategic partnership with Civic Technologies Inc., the leading Block Chain identity verification technology provider. Through Civics’ Secure Identity Platform (SIP), the partnership brings trusted, secure identity services to the advertising industry and enables Ubex to improve security and accountability for platform participants, ensuring more transparency and fairness within the ecosystem.

The pioneering global advertising exchange platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Civic Technologies Inc., the leading BlockChain identity verification technology provider. Through Civics’ Secure Identity Platform (SIP), the partnership brings trusted, secure identity services to the advertising industry and enables Ubex to improve security and accountability for platform participants, ensuring more transparency and fairness within the ecosystem.

Benefits using UBEX Platform

Potential Programmatic Algorithms– At the same time, this potential cannot be realized fully without the introduction of Block Chain technologies and neural networks. Therefore, the emergence of Ubex will be a catalyst for the growth of the software market and digital-advertising in general.

New architecture And Scalability- The virtual matrix created can have a virtually infinite number of endpoints, limited only by the number of open ports on the Ethernet switch used. Such a virtual matrix can be also extremely asymmetrical, as e.g. it could have only a few (or one) devices on the input side, while an almost unlimited number of output end units.

UBEX Signals and Designs-Using visually lossless compression, UBEX can extend two Full 4K UHD signals over a single, 10 GBPS Ethernet port. This generates substantial cost saving on the required Ethernet switch side, as with UBEX only half the router size is required compared to the needs of similar, 10 GBPS IP based architectures.The UBEX design also favours dual-screen applications: each transmitter and each receiver handles 2x HDMI 2.0 video ports.UBEX can also be used in a point to point setup as a conventional extender pair between endpoints. It is not required to use an Ethernet switch when point to point extension is required.

Wavelength and Reachable Distance-The maximum reachable distance is ranging between 400 m and 80km, depending on the type of singlemode or multimode optical modules installed in the device, and on the signal properties.The extender also features audio and optional full speed USB 2.0, USB KVM (HID), balanced audio ports and RS-232 and IR connectors.

UBEX ICO & Token Specification

Hard cap: 24,000 ETH

Soft cap: 4,000 ETH

Cost of 1 UBEX Token: 0.00001 ETH

Platform: Ethereum ERC20

New Token emissions: unavailable

Bonus system: yes

Presale or Private Sale: not held

Know Your Customer (KYC): yes

Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent) / no limit

Whitelist: no

Note: Citizens and residents of the USA, Iran and North Korea are not allowed to participate.

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