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5 Secrets Of Instagram Landing Pages

Instagram is not only the second largest social network globally but also a powerful marketing tool. The image-sharing platform gathers more than 1 billion monthly active users, thus becoming a vast source of potential customers that you can target with landing pages.

By definition, a landing page is a standalone web page that customers are taken to when they click on a link or online advertisement. This is basically your only chance to turn Instagram followers from passive content consumers to active purchasers.

A typical landing page conversion rate is around 2.35%, but the top 10% of companies are making 3 to 5 times higher results than average. Therefore, your goal is to design highly effective website content that can inspire the target audience to engage. 

This post will show you 5 secrets of Instagram landing pages. Let’s check them out!

1. Mobile Friendliness 

An astonishing 93% of potential customerswho research on smartphones go on to complete a purchase. However, this stat comes with a catch – it’s possible only if your website is properly optimized for mobile experience.

Instagram landing pages must be highly responsive and ready to ensure easy navigation. Make sure to design a simple and intuitive user interface, keeping in mind the functionality. Namely, this is by far the most significant element since a landing page is supposed to drive conversions. You will lose customers if you don’t keep it mobile-friendly and functional.

What does it really mean? How can you achieve a state of functionality?

Instagram users follow the lead and click your URL. Therefore, you need to make the page skimmable to maximize the conversion potential. Allow users to identify content immediately, and give them the chance to react quickly.

A mobile friendly webpage will display only relevant content. Besides that, users should be able to maneuver through the page regardless of the size or shape of their fingers. Don’t force them to zoom in or pinch content. Instead, they should access buttons and fill-in forms easily, and it will increase the overall conversion rate.

2. Design Is Crucial

Productive Instagram landing pages rely on functionality, but they also pay attention to design quality. First of all, a landing page must comply with your general branding strategy. This means using the right colors, logos, key visuals, and other features stated in the marketing plan.

Secondly, it has to be clear and concise. An average Instagram user doesn’t want to be bothered with tons of plain text, so you have to reduce this kind of content to the minimum. Write down only crucial statements to avoid information overload. At the same time, you need to use enough whitespace to separate different parts of the content and improve visibility.

Fill-in forms are the third important feature. It’s the element that actually converts leads, so it demands special attention. A report says that the average number of form fields on a landing page is 11, but reducing it to just 4 fill-in boxes can result in a 120% increase in conversions.

Focus only on information that really matters. Yes, it’s good to know things such as dates, names, interests, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, comments, etc. But if you can improve conversion rate asking for not more than the few of these details, stop searching for more! Concentrate on the essentials, and you will get a much more efficient Instagram landing page.

3. Make an Outstanding CTA Button

Call to action (CTA) buttons represent the ultimate tool of online conversions. That’s why they ought to be bigger and more impressive than the rest of the landing page content. The best solutions usually involve only one possible action because you don’t want to confuse followers with a variety of options.

Avoid friction words. Expressions like Buy, Give, Donate, and similar tell users that they need to give something to get something else in return. Instead, use softer and less intimidating solutions such as Join, Share, Start, or Visit.

Colors play a major role in CTA design. You should follow the style of your brand, but don’t forget to make a contrast with the background. Most marketers use red because it screams action and energy, inspiring page visitors to make their move. In each case, CTA buttons have to stand out and grab the attention of your Instagram followers.

4. Mind the Message Matching

Instagram allows marketers to publish only one link at a time, and they can add it to the profile bio. We recommend you change it with each new campaign to keep attracting new customers regularly. In case you are running a popular account with over 10 thousand followers, you can also add URLs to Instagram Stories.

It’s a relatively new feature that can drastically improve your Instagram marketing efforts. However, you need to take care of the message matching.

When your Instagram followers see a new link, they will expect it to fit the style and connotations of the corresponding content. Don’t let users think about one thing and then redirect them to the completely new type of content on a landing page. Show that you respect Instagram followers by offering only the kind of content they are looking for.

5. Test and Measure

Now that you’ve seen how to utilize Instagram landing pages, you need to know one last thing. Testing landing pages and measuring results is mandatory if you want to be sure about ROI. Use A/B testing and analyze each landing page element to find the perfect combination. According to the study, correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates up to 300%, so don’t miss the opportunity to improve your business results this way.


An Instagram landing page is a great way to turn followers into customers, but it requires a fair share of preparation and strategic thinking. This post revealed 5 secrets of Instagram landing pages that promise higher conversion rates. Don’t hesitate to give them a try and let us know in comments how it turned out for you!

How To Enhance Your Instagram Posts For Better Engagement

nstagram started as a social media platform to share your memories. Over the years, its potential has also been recognized by businesses. Instagram has more than 500 million active users everyday, and 80% of accounts follow at least one business on it. Those are some interesting numbers, aren’t they? 

The message is clear — if you want your business to grow, you need to get on Instagram. It can be a great platform to showcase your products or services and build a loyal audience base. Instagram can really boost your brand awareness and visibility.

But for that, you need to ensure that you get your social media strategy right for Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing, but it always favors accounts that get more engagement. 

If you get good engagement, Instagram will make sure you get more visibility. Your posts will be more likely to get featured on the Explore page if people are consistently liking and commenting on them. 

But how can you get more Instagram engagement? Let’s take a look at a five ways that have helped some of the biggest brands grow their Instagram engagement. 

1. Post Creative and Good Quality Content

Good quality content is the key to increasing your Instagram engagement. If your content resonates with your target audience, they will automatically respond to it. Good content makes your business more memorable too. So you can expect likes and comments to follow.

Instagram is a medium that places a special emphasis on great visuals. You need to make sure you are posting images with vivid colors and thoughtful, engaging composition.

To make your photos stand out, editing is also crucial. If you aren’t skilled in editing or you don’t want to spend the time editing photos yourself, you can get professional help from apps like Mendr. They have certified pros available 24/7 who will edit your photos for you in a matter of minutes. Just  upload your photos to the app and request the edits you want. Your edited photo is delivered back to you quickly.  

Instagram Stories are also a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Social media users have very short attention spans. So you need to make sure that you have an interesting hook in the first few seconds. Try to get as much action or movement in the beginning. This way you can get the audience interested so that they don’t just scroll to the next post.

A part of creating quality content also involves the art of storytelling. Good content alone never sells anything. Your audience shouldn’t feel like they are seeing promotional content when they looking at your posts. Instead, try to connect with them through compelling stories.

Image via Instagram

Microsoft’s Instagram handles have some really interesting stories. Their posts tell the stories of their partners and show how Microsoft is helping them. Similarly, they also post on Instagram if one of their employees has achieved something noteworthy. This way, they give deeper insights into the company culture. 

2. Post at the Right Times

To increase your Instagram visibility, you need to post content consistently. To maximize your reach, you should post your content at the right times. You should analyze when your target audience is more likely to be active on Instagram. If you post during that time interval, you will have a better chance of getting more engagement.

Image via Sprout Social

Sprout Social conducted a study to find out the best times to post on social media channels. They found out that Thursday was the best day to post on Instagram, while Sunday was the worst. Their results are based on how people responded to posts of other brands. 

Your brand may or may not follow the general trend. If you want to know the best times to post for your brand, you can use the Preview app. It will tell you your best time and day to post and interact with your audience. 

This information can be really helpful if you are planning to conduct a big product launch or make any other special announcement. The right timing can help you reach out to a bigger audience and get better engagement. 

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to an audience who may not be following your account. If you are using the right hashtags, you will find an audience that is interested in your posts. 

For example, if you are posting related to Wimbledon, you should definitely use #Wimbledon in your posts. Along with it, use variations of the main term too. #Wimbledon2018, #WimbledonChampionship and #Wimbledonmatch are some of the related hashtags that you can use. 

However, generic terms should always be avoided. Terms like #tennis and #lawntennis are also related, but they are too broad. So they won’t really attract users who are specifically searching for posts related to Wimbledon.

You should also check the search volume for each hashtag before using it. For trending events, the hashtag search volume is likely to reach the millions. But for other general posts, try to avoid generic hashtags with massive search volumes. Your post can easily get lost in the sea of posts that have used the same hashtags.

Image via Sprout Social

Instagram allows users to use as many as 30 hashtags per post. However, a survey by Sprout Social found that posts with nine hashtags get the most engagement.

You should keep a constant tab on your posts to see which hashtags are working well for you. Use them as often as you can in other posts. 

4. Host Contests

Hosting a contest on your Instagramaccount is an easy way to get more people to notice you. If you are giving away freebies or discounts, more people will be motivated to engage with you. To get your contest noticed, you should follow these tips:

  • Create a branded hashtag for your contest.
  • Encourage users to like, comment, and tag their friends on your posts to enter the contest.
  • Encourage users to use your brand’s hashtag on their personal posts.
  • Give away your product as the prize.
  • Give discount codes to winners for future purchases.

Earthpix, an Instagram handle that focuses on travel, uses this strategy at regular intervals to grow their Instagramengagement. They partnered with other handles and asked users to follow them.

Image via Instagram

They also encouraged users to like and tag their friends in the post. This way they helped their partners get more followers while also increasing engagement on their own handle. Their post got more than 70,000 likes and 29,000 comments.

5. Encourage Users to Generate Content for You

The best way to advertise your product subtly is to get users to endorse you. Encourage users to post photos, videos, and GIFs with your branded hashtags. Encourage them to tag you in their captions and posts. This way, you can delve deeper into their network of friends.

You can also feature user-generated content on your Instagram handle. Getting featured on your page can be a motivating factor for people to endorse you. This way you can have a diverse mix of content on your Instagram.

Image via Instagram

WeWork, a company that provides coworking spaces, features posts from their users on Instagram almost every day. By doing so, they have managed to build a community of Instagrammers who are interested in their content.


Getting your product and services noticed on Instagram is vital to grow a loyal audience for your brand on social media. It can help your brand gain more visibility and brand awareness over time. 

The key to ensuring that your Instagram handle is attracting potential customers is to drive more engagement. Getting Instagram engagement can be a time-consuming process, but with the right strategies you can achieve remarkable results.

Are there other strategies that have helped you get better engagement on Instagram? Please share your suggestions and experiences in the comments section below