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Convert 2$ in thousand

The most important principle of the law of attraction, of Karma or of the religion that proceses: “Give and you will receive”
even if you are already involved in other activities, work or business, don’t let them. But do yourself a big favor: get involved in this too. You don’t have absolutely nothing to lose, but expect to earn a significant amount of money in the next few weeks!
In fact, there is no limit on the amount you can generate with this system of flow of money. The facts are simple: If you need to make some thousands of dollars really fast, this system is the best way to do it!
Here you have all you need to do
the only things you need are:
1) An email address.
2) A Personal PayPal account (for individuals) with at least 2 dollars deposited in it.
3) Just 20-30 minutes of your time to send 40 emails.
Please note, if you are not a PayPal user, the first thing you have to do is click the PayPal link below and open an account. This will take you just 2 minutes and, of course, is free. Here is the link<> PayPal
YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE to register the choose a personal account (for individuals) and not an account for companies. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive payments.
The next thing to do when you have your personal PayPal account is to immediately send a $2 payment from your PayPal account to the FIRST email address from the list below. The purpose of the payment must be:
Add me to your mailing list
you have to be sure to add the above, because it is WHAT KEEPS THIS LEGAL PROGRAM. When you send your $2 payment to the first address in the list, do so with a big smile on your face because it will make a lot of money.
Here’s the current list:
STEP-3 Important
Once you have sent a payment of $2 to the address number 1 of the list, the next thing you need to do is take out the address number 1, place the address 1 2 3 in 2, 4 in 3, 5 in 4, 6 in the 5 in. That is to say, we got all of the e-mail addresses in the list one position.
Now the address 6 is empty…. Enter your e-mail address. Very important: The same with which you registered at PayPal, otherwise you will not receive the money of others. Now make a copy of the contents of this letter, because my badge (such as e-mail) at least 40 people.
Keep in mind that 40 is a good number of people, but with all the different ways that there is currently advertise free on the Internet, the number of people who receive the e-mail through you could be much higher if you wish. Think how many more e-mails you send, the more lists with your name there will be and the more likely you are to win more money yet.
Remember: The copy that my badge will contain your email address (the one that you put in your PayPal account) on the number 6 in the list, which deletes the address of the number 1 in the list, and moves the other e-mail addresses a position up.
The best way to send 40 e-mails is to copy the letter (once the payment to the first of the list, and after you have placed your e-mail address on the position 6) and paste it into an e-mail that you will send to friends, family, and other e-mail addresses that you consider appropriate. The more e-mails you send, the better. The more money you can win.
A WARNING! Don’t be tempted to add your address to the 1 position thinking that you will earn money quickly! Does not work as well! You will not receive practically nothing! If you do this, you will reach only to the people that you send directly to the e-mail, and then your address will be immediately of the place number 1 and you will reach thousands of people!
However, if you add your name to the position number 6, there will be literally thousands of people who will receive and send the email later, when your e-mail address this at number 1.

Complete Guide to Simple SEO Sites – Easy Way to Start with SEO

  1. Hey guys and gals,

    Remember pre-Panda and pre-Penguin hype about building websites where you only promote one product? I sure do! SEO was easy back then and these small affiliate sites were everywhere.

    Well, the strategy still works today. I found it useful for creating side income. If you are just starting with SEO, then this must be a good route to take because these websites are relatively easy to build and to rank (given you have chosen your keywords right).

    I will show you how to conduct market research to find great affiliate products, set up websites to receive higher conversions, and build backlinks to achieve top long-term rankings. You might find some parts overly simplified, but the truth is, I like to keep things SIMPLE.

    This is NOT a churn and burn site strategy. The aim of this guide is to show you how to create this website so they rank in the long run.

    There are many variable, but on average you can expect to earn $300-$500 monthly without doing any work after you rank. That’s why I like this strategy.

    NOTE: The tone of the guide might sound professional, but that’s because I planned on turning this into an e-book to sell. I changed my mind because I’m not revealing anything groundbreaking and because I’m turning my attention away from anything black hat and everything that has to do with Google, so this is my contribution to BHW community. I was initially inspired to write this guide because few month ago, one of my one-product-review affiliate sites has reached $10,000 in earnings (cumulative). All of this information is based on personal experience.

    I’m NOT promising that you will make any money with this strategy. There are many variable that can contribute to and infer with your success.

    This guide is just under 7,000 words, so grab a bucket of popcorn and let’s roll!

    I’m sure there is no need to explain why proper research is by far the most crucial part of the strategy. If you get this wrong, you will either fail or end up waiting too long to see the first dollar or spending too much of your hard-earned money.

    One of the most common questions when it comes to building websites is:

    What should I choose, money or passion?

    In this case, the definite answer is MONEY.

    Creating one-product-review affiliate websites is all about money. Leave passions for creating personal blogs and authority websites.

    Therefore, it doesn’t matter what niche you pick, as long as there are products with an affiliate program, decent search volumes, and beatable competition, you are GOLDEN.

    Finding Affiliate Products & Keywords

    There are two categories of products – digital and physical. Both types have some benefits and downsides for affiliates. I’m not going to get into details, but the biggest advantage of promoting digital products is higher commission rates.

    As an example, Amazon pays 4-7%, while Clickbank pays 30-70%.

    The choice is yours, but I strongly recommend going for digital products, because of higher commissions and higher chances of finding products that have lower competition and decent search volumes.

    If you are looking to promote physical products, then Amazon is your pal. If you are looking to promote digital products, then some of the best networks to start with are Clickbank, JVZoo, and ClickSure. There are also some others you might want to try:


    NOTE: Some products have own affiliate programs.

    NOTE: Conduct more thorough market research by looking at blogs and forums to see what people are talking about and promoting. It will take more time, but you might find some hidden gems!

    Since you will be creating websites around just one product, your main keywords are always going to be the same:

    • Product Name
    • Product Name + Review

    These two main keywords are perfect because they usually have decent search volumes and most importantly, high commercial intent. Most people who search for these keywords are prospective customers with money in their hands, ready to buy whatever you are promoting.

    The other keywords will be long-tailed phrases that include the name of the product. Since these keywords are going to bring only a fraction of total traffic, there is no point of targeting them in the beginning.

    Analyzing Affiliate Products
    Many affiliate networks carry hundreds of products. However, just because a product is on a network, it doesn’t mean that it sells like hotcakes. Some products are not sellable because they are either outdated, useless, or not popular for other reasons such as failure to attract enough attention. Other products are sellable, but the search engine competition is too tough. The goal is to find a sellable product that has easy competition.

    How do you get started?

    Go down the list of products in the marketplace and analyze them one-by-one looking at marketplace indicators, search volumes, and competition.

    Marketplace Indicators
    Most affiliate marketplaces give enough information about sellability of the products such as total sales, popularity among affiliates, EPC (earnings per click), conversion rates, refund rates, etc.

    Analyze these indicators to see which products are likely to sell. Look for products with high total sales, high popularity among affiliates, high EPC, high conversion rates, and low refund rates.

    Although most indicators are self-explanatory, you are likely to bump into some that are specific to a particular marketplace such as Clickbank’s gravity metric.

    Search Volume
    Since Google will be your only source of traffic, look for products that have at least 800 searches per month. Although lower search volumes often mean easier competition, before committing, analyze why the search volumes are low.

    Is it because the product targets a tiny niche? In this case, the traffic volume is likely to stay the same. If a product is high quality and offers high or recurring commissions, then it’s a go. GREEN LIGHT!

    Is it because the product is new and undiscovered? In this case, the traffic volume might increase in the future but investigate further before committing. Products created around hypes usually become popular for only short periods of time. YELLOW LIGHT!

    Is it because there is a lot of bad press about the product? Or because it’s outdated? Or because it’s useless? In this case, the traffic volume will likely decrease in the future. RED LIGHT!

    TIP: Build a website around a BAD product that has decent monthly searches from month-to-month, but instead of promoting the BAD product, promote a similar product with a good reputation.

    Check competition for both main keywords. Most keyword tools show difficulty scores. While this is an acceptable initial indicator, analyze competition yourself. Use a link checker to analyze inbound links of top 5 websites.

    Many small affiliate websites and low-quality niche review sites have backlinks coming from crappy-looking public blog networks, directory and comment spamming, and other prominent black-hat techniques. These are generally easy to beat, and besides, with all recent Google updates targeting quality of backlinks, it’s safe to say that these web properties are not likely to stick around for long.

    Some pages rank because of the authority of a root domain, not because of the number of backlinks pointing directly to that page. Therefore, if you find pages from niche and authority websites ranking on page 1, don’t be discouraged. Check for the quality and number of backlinks pointing to the page, and check for internal links to that page. Pages with no or few external and internal links are easy to beat.

    Keep in mind that many owners of private blog networks keep their websites hidden from link checkers. If you see small affiliate sites or low-quality review sites ranking at the top, it’s very likely that they are powered by a PBN.

    Getting Affiliate Approval
    It’s better to get accepted as an affiliate before starting a website.

    Some networks such as Clickbank and Clicksure don’t require manual approval. Once you create an affiliate account, you can start promoting any products from the marketplace. For this strategy, these types of networks are ideal.

    Other networks require manual approval either on a network or a vendor level. The chance of getting approved is below 50% because many vendors are picky about who gets to promote their products. Before accepting a new affiliate, they want to see what promotional channels will be used, what audiences will be targeted, etc. It’s unlikely that someone would want a small time affiliate promoting their product.

    TIP: If you find a product with decent search volumes and easy competition but don’t get accepted as an affiliate, build a website around that product but become an affiliate of a similar product and promote it instead.

    Things to Keep in Mind
    Experience and budget. Of course it’s great to find a product with over 5,000 searches per month; however, it’s very likely that competition will be much stronger. Be realistic and ask yourself: Do I have enough experience, patience, and money to get to number 1, number 2 or at the very least number 3 position?

    Commission rate. Higher commissions mean that you will need to make fewer sales to make X amount of money. Say your goal is to make $200 per month. If the search volume is 500 per month and the commission rate is $40, then you only need to make 5 sales to reach your target. This is just 1% conversion rate.

    Commission structure. Recurring commissions stack up over time, so you might end up making more money in the long-term. Again, say your goal is to make $200 per month. If the search volume is 500 per month, the commission rate is $10 recurring, and you make 5 sales per month, after one month you will earn $50, but by the end of 12 months your earnings can be as high as $600.

    If you already got approved as an affiliate, you are happy with the search volumes, and the competition looks beatable, then it’s time to go on to the next step – registering and setting up a website.

    Website Setup
    Most of your visitors will be people who are looking for a solution to their problem. They are looking for the product because they think that it might help them to solve that problem.

    Considering that you are targeting high commercial intent keywords, many of your visitors will be people with money on their hands, almost ready to buy. But they are not going just to hand you the money.

    You will need to gain trust and convince visitors that the product will, indeed, solve their problems. Provide them with a positive experience that will reassure them and make them feel comfortable to buy from you.

    Buying a Domain Name
    Although the first impression is everything, there is no need to spend hours looking for the right domain name. YOU ARE NOT BUILDING A BRAND, so the name doesn’t need to be too memorable or too brandable. It can be generic, but it should make at least some sense.

    When picking the name, your creativity is the limit, but here are some suggestions:

    • Use words related to the primary function of the product – words that describe what the product does
    • Use words related to the niche – common words that describe the niche
    • Use names – a combination of the first and last name
    • Don’t use numbers and hyphens – they just don’t look good

    There is no need to get an exact or a partial match domain. You are not going to extract any SEO benefit from that. In fact, it’s better to stay away from them. Websites with such domain names don’t look professional and might be taken down due to copyright infringement. It actually happen to me (my other thread from awhile ago –…ng-my-website-and-everything-about-it.760629/)
    .com extension is always preferable because it is globally recognized and trusted by consumers. It might increase the chance of people clicking through to your website.

    NOTE: There are hundreds of extensions now. If you end up getting some other extension, definitely stay away from .biz, .info and .xyz. Many people associate them with spam.

    Getting Hosting
    Getting your website on the right hosting account is kind of a big deal because it will affect SEO and conversions. The hosting provider must be reliable, fast, and secure.

    Low uptime and slow page load time negatively impact SEO which means lower rankings. And if that’s not bad enough for you, according to statistics, websites that don’t load within 3 seconds lose about 50% of visitors.

    A shared hosting package is good enough for these sites because they are not likely to go viral and get a lot of traffic overnight.

    NOTE: If you are building multiple websites in the same niche, it’s better to use different hosting accounts for safety and security.

    TIP: To save money, when building multiple websites in the same niche, use one regular hosting account and multiple Cloudflare accounts instead of multiple regular hosting accounts.

    Setting Up WordPress
    WordPress is my choice of CMS. Install it on your domain through the hosting account and customize it to your needs. I’m not going to teach you step-by-step on how to do it. There are plenty tutorials on that. These are just some things that I think are important to note.

    Although there is nothing wrong with using free themes, premium ones are usually better designed, SEO friendlier, and have more customization options. Whatever you decide to use, just make sure that the theme is responsive and simple.

    Look through all settings and set everything the way you want, but make sure to get the following ones right:

    • Discussion Section -Deactivate auto-approved comments or disallow comments altogether to avoid getting spammed
    • Permalinks Section – Set your permalinks to /%postname%/ to make URLs SEO friendly
    • Reading Section – Depending on how you want to organize your content, choose to have your homepage as a page or a series of posts

    Plugins offer all kinds of customization. WordPress has the largest selection of plugins with thousands of free and premium ones to serve your every need. While the choice of plugins will sometime depend on the website, these are some universal plugins that every WP website should have.

    Optimization Plugins help with on-page SEO and website speed:

    • Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack – help with on-page SEO
    • WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache – make websites faster
    • WP Smush – makes images smaller, so they load more quickly
    • WP-Optimize – optimizes database tables, cleans and removes useless files

    Security Plugins keep your website secure:

    • Wordfence Security or All In One WP Security – scan websites for threats and protects against brute force attacks

    User Experience Plugins enhance user experience:

    • Pretty Links – makes ugly affiliate URLs pretty and tracks clicks
    • Social Media Feather – installs social sharing buttons on posts and pages
    • Ultimate TinyMCE – adds more content design options to the backend
    • WordPress Notification Bar – adds a notification bar to the top of a website

    Analytical Plugins track visitors and help to optimize content for higher conversions:

    • Slimstat Analytics or WP Statistics (free) – track visitors but not their behavior

    NOTE: Don’t use Google Analytics (or any other Google products) for these websites.

    Structure & Design
    You can certainly experiment with different structures, but I found that the structure I’m about to describe works best. The goal is to achieve the best user experience.

    A homepage is your product review page. After all, a review is the central part of a website. A structure of a homepage doesn’t play a role. You can set it as a series of posts or a single page. Organize your other content pages into categories.

    Set up easy access to all your content by having links to the homepage, support pages, and categories in the main menu. Use the sidebar to display information relevant to the product such as banners, images, screenshots, testimonials, latest updates, etc. Install a notification bar with the product affiliate link to make it easy for your visitors to purchase the product the second they decide to buy. You don’t want them to be looking for the buy button all over the website.

    As I mentioned, pick a simple theme – not too many colors and features. Choose two main colors – one bright and one dull – that are similar to ones used on the official website.

    Writing Content
    It doesn’t matter whether you are creating an authority website or a one-product-review website, your content must be exceptional, or at least VERY GOOD.

    All articles must be unique, informative, and engaging, with well-structured sentences, and no grammatical errors. They must be well formatted and media-rich. Use headings, text formatting, bullet points, white spaces, and images to capture attention and to provide a positive experience.

    Product Reviews
    Product review is the most critical part of your content strategy, so put time into it. To create an engaging and high converting review article, you must know your product inside out. Therefore, the best way is to buy a product and write a review yourself.

    Remember that most web copies get scanned, not read. Make it easier for your visitors to scan by using short paragraphs, short sentences, headings, and images related to the product.

    Your review must convince visitors that the product is MEANT for them. Get into the brain of your average customer and figure out what set of features they are looking for the most. Discuss the benefits of the product, explain or show how and why it works, point out pros and cons, describe your personal experience, show examples, display testimonials, create comparison tables and other visuals. Foresee and address any concerns that people might have with the product.

    Start your review by putting the most important information first. Explicitly tell your visitors that this product will solve their problem. Continue by getting into more details without becoming too technical. Explain what makes the product unique and exciting, discuss benefits, talk about the most prominent features, and share your personal experience in details. Finish up with a list of pros and cons, a comparison table, and testimonials. Finally, summarize everything you talked about and get them to act.

    Of course, there are “hacks” on how to write a review without actually buying a product. Essentially, look through the official website and other review sites to learn more about the products and create your review based on that research.

    NOTE: Video reviews are useful when the product has a lot of features. But, not everybody likes to watch videos! Have a summary or a script underneath the video

    TIP: Save time and money by writing your initial review using the hack, and once your website gets to page 1 and starts to get visitors, buy the product and re-write your review.

    Bonus Offer
    Bonus offer is one of the best ways to boost conversions. Your bonus offer must enhance the value of the product, not replace it or make it seem worthless. Therefore, don’t offer 20+ bonuses, usually up to 5 bonus products is enough. The easiest way to create a bonus package is to bundle few PLR products. Either display your bonus package right under the review or create a separate bonus page.

    Other Content Pages
    The primary purpose of these pages is to give your website more weight, but you can also use them to rank for long-tailed keywords. Get at least 3 unique and well-written articles of 500-700 words on topics related to the niche. You can either write them yourself or outsource. Link back to your homepage or your review post in some of these articles.

    Support Pages
    Support pages are not necessary, but they make websites look more professional. These pages include but not limited to Contact, About, Privacy Policy, and Terms.

    Scheduling Content
    Schedule content, so the website gets regular updates for the first month or two. The homepage content should go up first, and schedule the rest for every 6-7 days.

    Right after you install WordPress, write a welcome post of about 150 words and create one of the support pages. This will be enough to get your website indexed quickly.

    NOTE: If you want to see what my websites looked like, check out one of my old sites. It’s not the best example, but you will get the idea. It’s NOT LIVE anymore and I DON’T own the domain! Now it’s some advertising redirect, so DON’T go to the actual website, but you can see screenshots here:*/

    Link Building
    Quality backlinks is the key to long-term rankings. If you go total black hat with your link building, you might rank faster, but your rankings are not going to last long. Instead of blasting your website with thousands of links, concentrate on 4 key rules of link building – consistency, diversity, relevancy, and quality.

    There are 2 types of backlinks – DIVERSIFICATION and POWER links. Use diversification backlinks for diversifying your linking profile. Use power links for pushing your website up search results.

    Backlinks need to be spread out among 70-90% of all pages. Considering the nature of the website, the only page you need to rank is the product review page (your homepage). Therefore, plan your link building, so 60-70% of DIVERSIFICATION links point to the inner pages, and 80-90% of POWER links point to the product review page (your homepage).

    NOTE: I have successfully used this strategy since 2013. My websites survived all Google updates. Note that nowadays it takes longer to rank, so don’t get discouraged too soon.

    Diversification Backlinks
    There are hundreds of ways to build these links. Remember that they are mainly for diversification purposes. They are essential, but they will NOT rank your website. Don’t spend too much time or money creating these backlinks. Go for quality, instead of quantity, and stick with high authority websites only.

    When registering to these sites, make sure to fill in as many details as possible to lower the chance of these web properties being deleted by admins. About half of these backlinks will be no-follow, but it doesn’t matter because they will come from high authority website.

    I highly recommend creating these links yourself, so you stay in complete control of the pace and quality of link building.

    NOTE: Many websites used for diversification purposes are considered authority websites and have high SEO metrics. However, most of this SEO power is on the homepage and few other pages. Only a tiny-tiny-tiny (1 millionth of 1 percent) portion of it gets transferred to newly created accounts.

    TIP: You will need an email address to register to these websites. provides free email accounts and doesn’t require any verification.

    Link Types (A-Z)
    Article Directories
    An article directory is a collection of articles on various topics. These links are usually not advised because most of these article directories are spammed to death, and carry no authority. The few ones that are still worth linking from require manual approval, so your content needs to be of decent quality.

    Link back from the author bio box to your homepage or about page using the name of your site or the raw homepage URL as the anchor. Many of these links will be do-follow. Create 2-5 of these links.


    Authority Websites
    Some authority websites allow people to create accounts and post content. However, many these websites are stricter when it comes to monitoring quality of content. Although the content doesn’t get manually approved before being published, low-quality accounts get reported and deleted quite often.

    Be conservative when building links from these sites, and link back to inner pages only using long-tailed phrases, and random words as the anchor. Many of these links will be no-follow. Create 2-5 of these links.


    TIP: Many of these sites are built around bigger niches. Another easy way to get niche backlinks for free.

    Many blogs still allow people to post comments, although most blogs have moderation controls in place to filter out spam. Commenting requires a little more finesse these days.

    To improve your chances of getting approved, use a real name (any name, not necessarily your name) as the anchor text, only link to your homepage, and write somewhat meaningful comments. It’s okay to use the same name across all blogs and post several comments per blog. Most of these links will be no-follow. Create 5-10 of these links.

    TIP: To write meaningful comments without reading whole blog posts, skim over articles looking for headings, images, lists, and highlighted words. This exercise should give you enough information to write decent comments.

    Free Website Builders & Blogging Platforms (or Web 2.0s)
    Most you know what they are. Most of these properties allow you to post content, change the design, change URLs, and add other functionality through plugins.

    Link back to your homepage or inner pages using partial match keywords, long-tailed phrases, and random words as the anchor. Many of these links will be do-follow. Create 7-10 of these links.


    TIP: How to create attractive web 2.0s that won’t get deleted:

    • Choose sub-domain names related to the niche
    • Post multiple 300+ word articles instead of posting one 1,000+ word article
    • Post content that doesn’t require a lot of writing such as infographics, images, videos, lists, and updates
    • Create support pages such as About and Contact
    • Use well-designed themes, add logos, and social sharing buttons

    Press Releases
    Press releases are used to announce events. Get press release links when your website is fully complete. They are harder to get because PR websites have strict rules on the format of a press release.

    PR sites have strict rules on linking to external sites. Your links will likely point to your homepage using the raw homepage URL as the anchor. Most of these links are no-follow. Create 1-3 of these links.


    TIP: Avoid the headache of writing and formatting a press release by ordering it from sellers on forums or Fiverr. Before ordering, make sure that the seller doesn’t distribute your press release to hundreds of junk sites.

    Social Networks
    When people think of social networks, the first ones that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but there are many more. Some social networks allow members to create blogs and post articles.

    Link back to your homepage or inner pages using partial match keywords, long-tailed phrases, and random words as the anchor. Many of these links will be no-follow. Create 2-5 of these links.


    TIP: While some social networks are general, many are niche specific. Search for social networks in your niche for a chance to get niche related backlinks for free.

    Social Signals and Bookmarks
    Social bookmarks are useful for getting pages indexed. Build these links a few days after publishing a new article, but don’t waste time creating them yourself. You want social links on aged and indexed accounts.

    Link back to your pages using general phrases and page titles. Many of these links will be no-follow. Create 5-15 of these links per page.

    NOTE: Don’t buy social shares or social bookmarks in bulk as I have seen negative SEO effects after using these services.

    Web Directories
    A web directory is a collection of websites on various topics. These links are usually not advised because many web directories are heavily spammed. Building many web directory links will undoubtedly negatively impact your rankings, but some web directories are still worth linking from.

    Link back to your homepage using the name of your site or the name of your site + tagline as the anchor. These links can be either no-follow or do-follow. Stay on the safe side, and get only 1-2 of these links.


    TIP: How to get maximum benefit from web directories:

    • Find all categories that fit your website
    • Use SEO tool to find categories with the highest SEO metrics
    • Submit your website to the category with the highest SEO metrics

    Web Profiles
    Some authority websites and most forums allow people to create profiles and link back to their website.

    Link back to your homepage only using the name of your site or the raw homepage URL as the anchor. These links will be either no-follow or do-follow. Create 5-10 of these links.


    TIP: Search for authority websites and forums in your niche. Yet another chance to get niche backlinks for free.

    Other Link Types
    Don’t waste time on getting backlinks from Document Sharing Sites, Video Sharing Sites (besides YouTube), Slideshow Sharing sites, Picture Sharing sites, RSS Submission Sites, etc. The amount of extra work is just not worth it.

    The best way is to use original content for all backlinks; however, this gets either very expensive if you outsource, or very time consuming if you do it yourself. Ordering articles from cheap content providers is not a good option either because you usually get a very poorly written content.

    Content spinning is the answer. Forget about non-sense that spun content is terrible. Technically, what is spun content? It’s making of multiple unique articles from one seed article.

    Manual spinning is the only way to go. Be prepared to put in time and effort. Even when you spin manually, using a spinner tool is helpful. It makes the entire process much faster, thanks to the inbuilt thesaurus and various nifty options.

    To get a high-quality spun content, you need to start with an article that’s perfect. If your seed article is full of mistakes, your spun content will be even worse. Spin your text on all levels – paragraph, sentence, phrase, and word.

    NOTE: Some people say that content spinning is useless because it provides no value. While it is true that spun content doesn’t provide much value to readers, it does provide value to link builders in the form of saving time and money. Spun content should be used for link building, not for traffic!

    NOTE: Stay away from content generators. They all produce pure gibberish.

    Random is good, so there is no real schedule to follow. You just have to stay somewhat consistent. Staring building links as soon as you post content on your homepage, and keep building them until your website is ranked. Create anywhere from 1-10 backlinks every few days.

    As an example:

    • Day 1: 5 social bookmarks, 1 web 2.0
    • Day 2: 1 web directory, 2 profiles
    • Day 3: nothing
    • Day 4: nothing
    • Day 5: 2 web 2.0s, 1 article directory, 1 comment
    • Day 6: nothing
    • Day 7: 2 comments, 1 profile, 3 social bookmarks

    In the beginning, while still working on the content and website design, create few links every 5-6 days. Once finished, speed it up to few links every 3-4 days. When you see your website ranking in top 3, slow it down to 5-6 days once again. Finally, when you are ranked, you can stop building these links altogether, or slow it down further to few links every few weeks.

    Tier 2 Backlinks
    Tier 2 backlinks are useful for indexing and making your diversification links more powerful in terms of SEO. But even when it comes to Tier 2, stick with quality over quantity. It’s better to build 1-2 quality Tier 2 links, rather than spamming your Tier 1 with complete junk. First, it’s useless. Second, your Tier 1 links might get deleted by admins for sending spam.

    The best way to create Tier 2 backlinks is to outsource them. Doing it yourself is a complete nightmare. Stick with PBN links, web profiles, comments, social bookmarks and social signals. Create tier 2 links for all diversification backlinks except web directories, comments, and social bookmarks.

    PBN links are by far the best tier 2 links. Web profiles, comments, and social links are useful for faster indexing and diversity.

    Power Links
    Have you guessed which links are these?

    If you guessed PBN, then you are absolutely right!

    These links will be responsible for pushing your websites up search results. You can either buy PBN links or set them up yourself. While purchasing these links will be much cheaper and faster, setting up your own PBN is safer, which is the most important thing, if your goal is to achieve long-term rankings.

    PBN domains should be treated almost the same way as money sites. This means:

    • Quality content – unique and grammatically correct articles
    • Appealing designs – clean themes, attractive logos, user-friendly layouts
    • Handy features – categorized content, multiple support pages, sidebars, social sharing buttons, etc.

    The goal is to make each PBN website to look unique and realistic.

    NOTE: Although some say that WHOIS privacy doesn’t work well, I used WHOIS Privacy for all my PBN domains.

    Getting PBN Domains
    Two most common ways of getting PBN domains are finding expired domains and buying domains through auctions.

    Finding expired domains involves searching for broken links on other websites. You can register these domains through any name registrar for the base price. Unfortunately, most sites that you will find will have virtually no SEO power. If you are planning on going this way, instead of searching for expired domains yourself, use tools and services that do it for you. It will save you tones of time.

    NOTE: Many services boast about providing quality expired domains because they base their claims on 3rd party metrics such as Majestic TF/CF, or MOZ DA/PA. Keep in mind that these metrics are not provided by Google, so they can’t be fully trusted. I have seen many domains with Majestic TF/CF 15+ and MOZ DA/PA 20+, but garbage backlinks coming from sidebars, footers, comment sections of other heavily spammed websites, and spammed directories.

    Buying domains through auctions involves bidding. The chances of getting domains with strong SEO metrics on a consistent basis is high. The ugly side of this method is the cost that these domains sometimes come with. Some auctions start for as little as $20, but can go up to well over $1,000! Hundreds of sites go up for auction every day, so instead of spending hours checking them one-by-one, use tools that filter these auction marketplaces based on criteria provided by you.

    I built most of my PBN by buying domains through auctions.

    Analyzing PBN Domain
    Not all backlinks are the same. Learn how to recognize which backlinks are good and which ones are bad, which ones are likely to stick and which ones are likely to get deleted. Pay attention to the number of backlinks, the number of referring domains, and the anchor text.

    There are no strict guidelines to adhere to when analyzing backlinks because all websites are created and promoted differently. There are always going to be exceptions! Following are some very general notes based on my knowledge and experience.

    Look at the number of backlinks and referring domains. Typically, you want to see over 100 backlinks and over 30 referring domains. A significant difference between the number of backlinks and referring domains is an indication of site-wide sidebar or footer links, which is not good.

    Examine where links are coming from. Ideally, you want to see many contextual links from authority or niche websites. Backlinks that are built on public blog networks, through comment spamming, through directory spamming, or using automated tools are bad backlinks. Backlinks that come from sidebars or footers will be likely removed.

    Take note of the anchor text. Preferably, you want to see a mix of the brand name, niche related phrases, and random words for the anchor text. Avoid those domains that use heavily targeted keywords, names of big brands, and inappropriate words.

    You will need a good link checker to find this information. At the same time, don’t just rely on metrics provided by SEO tools, do personal analysis and make your opinion based on facts.

    Knowing the history of the website is crucial. If a site was used to advertise or sell porn, pills, guns, drugs, or other questionable products, skip it. These websites will likely have backlinks from bad neighborhoods, which will hurt your rankings.

    Look for websites that had good design and lots of well-written content. You can check website history using

    Getting Hosting
    Hosting PBN domains can make or break your network. Setting the hosting correctly is arguably the most important factor of your PBN. It’s been said many times, but I will repeat it: DON’T USE SEO HOSTING! This is a recipe for disaster. You have a few options here.

    Option 1: Do It Yourself
    You can do it using regular hosting or cloud hosting. But while you can host all of your PBN domains on regular hosting, it’s not suggested to host all of them on cloud hosting.

    This is because cloud hosting is still not as widespread as regular hosting. It might look suspicious to Google that all of your most powerful links are coming from websites hosted on cloud hosting. Therefore, use it sparingly; keep about 75% of your PBN on regular hosting and 25% on cloud hosting.

    Although there are plenty of cheaper web hosting solutions for $1-3 per month, I would stick with bigger companies. Smaller hosting companies can be slow and unreliable.

    Option 2: Use Services
    If you don’t want to do it yourself, some services provide solutions for hosting PBN domains. They use reseller accounts on popular hosting providers, so your PBN domains get hosted by prominent brands for a fraction of the cost (think HostGator, BlueHost, Arvixe, etc.). A lot of times you end up paying less.

    NOTE: I always used individual hosting accounts for PBN domains, but if I were to re-build my PBN again, I would use a service. Here is why: I had to switch hosting companies many times because half of them were unreliable, slow, or would go out of business. It was a complete nightmare at times!

    Setting Up PBN Website
    Treat PBN sites almost the same way as you treat your money sites.

    To start, install WordPress, a well designed free theme, and some free plugins. Mix it up installing different themes and plugins on each PBN website to avoid footprints.

    The articles must be original and grammatically correct. Don’t use spun or barely readable content. Insert images, videos, and link out to authority niches sites. Post few articles before posting a backlink article.

    Try to keep your backlink articles on the homepage because the most SEO power of your PBN website is likely there. Once your network grows, you can let backlink articles move to the second page.

    TIP: How to keep a backlink article on the first page:

    • Sticky post – this will keep your backlink article at the top of your homepage. Use it on about 5% of your PBN websites.
    • Static homepage 1 – don’t update your homepage with new posts. Post new articles on pages rather than posts.
    • Static homepage 2 – set your homepage to be a page, not a series of posts. The homepage could be a sales letter or a big guide on some topic related to your niche. Have your money website as a reference there.

    It’s a good practice to keep posting new content to your PBN domains at least once per month. If you backlink article moves to the second page, link back to the backlink article from another article on the front page, to funnel it some SEO power.

    The anchor text will depend on how many PBN links you are building. If you are only making 1-3 links, use the main keywords as an anchor. If you are making more than 3 links, besides just main keywords, use long-tailed phrases and random words as an anchor. Don’t interlink your PBN sites and don’t create the same PBN links for 2 different money sites.

    NOTE: I haven’t updated some of my PBN sites with fresh content for years. They still worked just as good.

    Tier 2 Backlinks
    Building backlinks to your PBN websites is a good practice. And again, treat PBN sites almost the same way as you treat your money sites. Build similar links as you build for your money sites but in smaller quantities. Creating few backlinks per month should be sufficient.

    NOTE: I have never built links to my PBN sites. They still ranked my money sites just as good.

    After Ranking
    You have done good research, you have built a high converting website, now you are ranking at the top and making money. What now?


    You could do nothing, but here are some pointers to keep your website looking healthy, your conversions high, and your rankings up.

    Tweak & Update Website
    There is always something you can do with your website. For example, tweak your content, and website design to get higher conversions, or optimize and add more content targeting long-tailed phrases to get more traffic.

    Build More Backlinks
    Link building is a continuous process, and this strategy is not an exception, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to keep on building links daily or even weekly. Creating few backlinks every month is usually enough to keep your rankings up. If you see your rankings sliding down, the best way to get back to the top is to get more PBN links.

    That’s everything that I got for you in this guide. Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any questions. I will try to answer them all.

    I got one question for you though! I have been putting a lot of effort into learning to write well. What do you think of my writing style? Cheers! :)

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    EDIT: Next time include the source.

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    I wondered why you aren’t using Google Analytics. What’s the reason behind that?

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    EDIT – That page has gone now, @KraftyKyle – Odd…

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    Hi Alex, I think it’s unsafe to use any Google products with black hat sites. I found that a good replacement for Google Analytics is Clicky.

    Yes, this is my site. I took all content down and it’s going off hosting tomorrow.

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    I do have a question on this “hack” that allows you to write verified reviews for your products without buying them. Can you point me in the right direction with this? I am building a shopify site and this would be very useful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Basically what you do is you look at the sales page of the product, look at other review blogs, and find YouTube videos about the product. This should give you enough knowledge about the product to write a decent review or description. Once you are ranking and making money, it’s better to actually buy the product and re-write the review. From my experience, it makes a difference in conversion rates.

    For your Shopify store, it depends on what you are selling. You could go to Amazon or e-Bay to see the descriptions of similar products. You can also look at your competitors sites for info. Just don’t plagarize, it’s never a good idea! Gather as much info as possible, and write the review or desciption in your own words.

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  18. Gold Guide! Thank you OP
    Please can I rank with Blogger for a 0 competition or low competition keywords?
    I just started a bunch of blogspot blogs focusing in some keywords but I’ve seen sole people here in BHW say (“Blogspot is sh*t!”+ “You’ll just waste your time”…).

    I want to know if Blogger can rank if I do proper SEO?

    #2 How much I’ll wait before starting building links to my blogspot if it is brand new?

    #3 if my competitors are forums, can I outrank them if I get anchor backlink from them? Thank you

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You need 15 posts to add links to your posts

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Nexus Global: the first genuine Multiwallet of the world in the area of multi-level marketing.

Method: How I added $200/m to my total income (going for 3000/m soon)

Prescript(if that’s a thing) : I have written this method on my mobile and on black background. Looks good to me. Please use the black one for reading this if you’re a white user :)


This is a method I was testing since Jan2018.

And, I have finally started earning through this method now(in March,3 months or less)

This can take some time for you to do if you don’t have money to outsource, but this can be done if you have $11. Namecheap hosting and domain from GoDaddy.

I have spent around 250 dollars till now on outsourcing stuff :)

Method: To rank youtube videos and keywords on the website(minimal work).

This may seem rehashed to some, I have not reinvented the wheel. I have just read a lot and tried what works and I just want to share it with the fam.


  1. Expired domain(new domains also work well if you’re budget is not high)
  2. YouTube channel (if you have money to invest buy an old one)
  3. Animoto (trial will do, and this is optional)
  4. Canva (trial will do, recommended)
  5. Ifttt (it’s an automation website, recommended)
  6. A few cheap $7/1000 words article writers.
  7. Ahrefs/semrush etc are optional(you should know how to keyword research)

Now the method:

I am just telling you what I did, you can adjust everything according to your budget and shareasale, cj products work really well.

Haven’t tried maxbounty so far but I will soon…

Let’s go:

  • Find a great keyword, which is worth 100-500 searches per month. Here’s a good guide by @hacko
  • Get 3 different articles on that keyword.1 for the money site(1500-2000 words), 1 for the YouTube video(500-700 words), 1 for pbns and all. Weird thing is that it’s a latest type of churn and burn project if you ask me and you can earn good money for a while :)

Once that is done setup your website with thrive themes(easy to setup fast)!9S4xUDCQ!FYl_kdYlOusFbf2lae3rkw (find here… Thank @Festinger for this)
I usually use focus blog as it’s the most converting theme by thrive in my opinion.

Rehub is also my favourite but it’s fucking tough to setup.

Genesis can do well too.

Upload the article on the homepage and to the offer…

It’s difficult af to rank 1 page websites these days, so I recommend 10 inner articles as well.
I used 15 articles of 1500 words (money articles and have ranked homepage on #1 position already so keep reading…)

I got these articles in 30 days, and I uploaded them in 7 days (after setting up the ifttt rings which i will expain in the later section)with proper on page seo.
Check (this is for conversion optimisation and can be used later once you rank on page 1)

Read this by @davids355

Pretty descriptive info…
If you don’t have the time to read everything, just see how he configures his site and plugins he uses but I recommend you to read that in full.

How to setup the YouTube channel and videos:

Now the fun part starts:

Offpage SEO + social media automation:

Time and again I have been telling people about ifttt in the forum, groups and God knows where. We have to setup 1 ifttt ring for our website and 1 ring for out youtube video.

There are a lot of methods to do ifttt rings and loads of properties to use.

I pay a VA to set it up for me, he is not on bhw so I won’t tell you who he is, neither I will pm you about him. Sorry for that.

But I will share what you have to do here…

So cheer up fellas.


First of all you need these social accounts: (I used new pages/profiles but expired and aged will work better in my opinion.

  • Facebook page(old PVA will do better)
  • Twitter (expired will do better)
  • Pinterest (group boards will do better)
  • Reddit (aged preferred)
  • Web2.0s : WordPress, bloggers, Tumblr, Weebly(expired work better)

We will make a branded ifttt rings for the site.

And, channel name for YouTube videos.

Here’s some info about ifttt:

I usually recommend branded domains with these links only. DO NOT USE MAIN KEYWORDS.

Once this is done. Just keep posting the articles and videos in regular successions and you will keep getting automated branded links.

So you don’t have to buy diversity package for the website. (Expired domains also takes care of it, so you have saved around 100 dollars)

Then you will have to get pbn links for the video as we will try to rank it first and due to the link in the description and branded topical relevancy.

Your website will also rank once your video starts to…

I usually buy cheap links(1-2 dollars per link) and tell the pbn guy to add the video and a small text below the video, or at the end of the video:

Which says: video courtesy of

(change the texts, and if you are getting 20 links, used this on 8 not more)

Don’t get a ******** link on these, won’t help.

With my niche by website was on #14 on serps and #1 on YouTube on feb20. That’s when I got my first sale through this site as well. I made a whopping $10 :D

And on 1st March I bought 10 good pbns links for my homepage(website directly) with long tails anchors and used 2 exact match as well)

10th day I was at #4.

Today I am at #1. Let’s see how long I can hold it there.

(If you don’t have money for good pbn links, i will recommend you to get expired web2.0s, WordPress, blogspots and livejournal work well)

And made around $50 from this site last week. So 4*50 : $200 :)

I have invested $300 till now…

150 on content, 120 on links, 30 on VAs.

And made 80 already. And have a projection of over 200 month.

So massive ROI.

Now I will keep on working like this.

Videos + website thing for 5-6 months. Let’s see what can be the outcome of this.

The thing is I got tired writing this. I can’t write big articles and if I dont post this now I may forget to post it. I forgot to post my article last time I was writing for bhw. Wasted 1500words and effort.

So whatever you want to ask please do… Coz I know this thread is not as descriptive as I wanted it to be. But I will answer all your questions.

Coz I love asking and answering questions :)

And to read about the better ideas and to follow my journey please visit:…-from-100-day-to-500-day-till-dec2018.986688/

Get It Right With Our Useful 15 Point Social Media Marketing Checklist

Social Media is one of the main ways to engage with your potential audience and, best of all, it’s free.

Getting epic results, however, is never going to happen unless you use it correctly. You can’t just throw ads up and expect a stampede of new leads because it’s not going to happen.

You need to approach social media marketing wisely.

People do not go on social media to buy, they go to communicate, engage with other people and have fun.

This means you have to find ways to engage your audience and allow the sales to come naturally.

If you’re new to this or need a helping hand, don’t worry, you can learn from the most successful businesses on social media with our useful Social Media Marketing Checklist.

Social Media Marketing Checklist

1: Provide Value

Provide value to your followers

Value is everything to your followers. It keeps them coming back.

The single most important way to gain followers and keep them is to give them something to make following you valuable and worth the time.

If you consistently put in the effort to do this, people will follow you and some of them will engage and buy.

2: Don’t Just Promote

Don’t just post about how good your business is and how important it is that your readers buy what you’re promoting.

Promote by all means, but not in every other post. Make sure you have more value than sales pitches. Nobody wants to be sold to every time they visit one of your profiles.

Don’t treat people like leads, treat them like human beings with the same interest as you. Treat them like you want to help them solve their problem.

3: Post What YOU Would Want to Read

You’re in your niche too, so what would you like to read?

If it’s interesting or useful to you, chances are, it will be to a percentage of your audience too.

This will also save you time searching for info, as you can post the things you find useful or entertaining while you’re browsing online yourself.

4: Learn How to Create Titles That Grab Attention

Titles and headlines need to grab attention and raise curiosity.

Don’t presume just because you post it, your followers will read it. Make it exciting!

Look at what other people in your niche are doing on social media, to give you a constant stream of new ideas to try. Always try and put your own spin on things, however, so you’re unique and you stand out.

5: Always Deliver on Your Promise

Keep your promises

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

If you are telling your readers you are going to post something on a certain date or time, make sure you do.

If you are telling them something will yield a certain result, make sure it does. Dishonesty or exaggeration turns readers off.

6: Make Your Followers Feel Important

Talk about your brand in a passionate way and make your subscribers feel like a part of an important ‘movement’ of some kind.

Thank them regularly for their loyalty too! People like being treated with respect and being made to feel valued and are more likely to respond to your marketing as they believe in you.

7: Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog

Your blog promotion and social promotion should be synergistic, so people see you as a brand.

You’ll look far more professional and trustworthy that way.

And with all the plugins and tools available for social media, it’s not difficult to share everything between your online profiles and properties.

8: Learn to Sell the Lifestyle

Show the lifestyle that your customers want.

If you’re in the make money niche, for instance, you need to look successful yourself. Think about your image and how you present yourself, along with the general imagery you use.

People want to make money to free themselves from the daily grind, so wealth based images work well.

If you’re promoting in the health market, lots of images of radiant, healthy people and before and after shots will help to build desire for that particular lifestyle.

9: Respond and Engage

Social media is a communication tool first and foremost, so make sure you actually respond to comments and questions or you’ll soon lose followers.

Set some time aside every day so you can keep engaged with your followers. Time spent doing this is never wasted and will pay off in time.

10: Be Consistent

post consistenly

Being consistent also makes it easier for you to stay organised.

Once you have created a successful pattern, stick to it.

You can grow your marketing from a successful base for more profits. Don’t consistently chop and change your branding and layouts etc. If something works well, keep going with it and expand from there.

If something is popular, it means your followers are telling you that’s the kind of thing they want, so give them more of it.

11: Experiment With Different Types of Content

It’s not just about info, links to other posts or pitches, you need to diversify your content, to keep your followers engaged and entertained.

Funny memes, quotes, videos, quizzes or even games can all keep your audience hooked.

12: Be Everywhere

Don’t just focus on one social media channel, use multiple different channels to ‘be everywhere’.

Then your audience will see your popularity and reach and be more likely to trust you.

13: Take Advantage of New Technologies

Live video streaming is big right now, which means you have new opportunities for interesting, engaging content.

Don’t miss it and keep your eyes open for more opportunities like this in the future.

Contests and other events help to get people more engaged and involved and they can also lead to more shares and promotion for your channel.

14: Offer Discounts

Social media discounts

The one type of self-promotion that is also providing value is a genuine discount.

Make sure it is exclusive and appealing and don’t make people jump through hoops to get it.

People love discounts as they get a buzz from a deal. Discounts can also help to bring new customers in, who may keep coming back and buy more stuff.

15: Automate

Not the whole thing, but the parts that you can.

There are a ton of automated posting tools for instance that can help cut down the monotonous stuff.

Obviously, you need to take care of the post content, but you can line up some content ahead of time and automate the posting of it.

In Summary . . .

There you have it. Not difficult right? It’s all just common sense really.

Don’t just promote, help, inform, educate and entertain and you’ll build raving fans who you can sell to over and over again.

Time spent taking care of your followers will reap rewards both immediately and further down the road, as your momentum builds

Directory Submission: Submitting Your Website in the Right Way

Directory submission is the process of submitting to the directories. There are a lot of different types of directories. Some directories require you to pay for listing while others don’t. There are thousands of directories that allow free listing. The free listing option is the most popular choice among webmasters. With free listing option, you don’t have to pay a cent to get your site listed on the directories.


When submitting to directories, you have to write a few titles and description. Preparing a variety of titles and descriptions allow you to prevent duplication problem. Duplicated titles and description can cause your listing to not get index by the search engine. In order for the listing to get indexed, you must write unique titles and description. The unique titles and description prevent the search engine from suspecting that the directory submission is performed purposely. It makes the directory submission process more natural. When the search engine perceive that the submission process is natural, it is more willing to get your listing indexed. Every listing has to be indexed so that the backlink is counted. If you use the same title and description for submission to 1000 directories, there is a high chance that the search engine will not get them indexed. The title and description should be completely different from each other. You must write the title and description yourself. You cannot copy them from other listings. Copying the title and descriptions will also cause duplication problem.

You must tag the listing with keywords. Tagging the listing with keywords enables the visitors to find it within the directories. If you don’t tag it with keywords, the visitors won’t be able to find it. Getting your website listed in the directory won’t help you to drive targeted traffic. In order to drive targeted traffic to your site, you have to tag it with relevant keyword. For example, if your website offer guides for dog training, you should use keyword such as dog, dog training, and etc.


After you have submitted the site, you have to wait for a few months for the editors to review it. It can be approved within 1 day or 1 year. It depends on the editor. If the directory has a lot of backlog, you will have to wait for a long time before it will be your turn. For a faster approval, you can buy the paid listing. The paid listing allows your website to become featured in the search result and homepage.


Directory submission is a tiring process. If you are tired of submitting your website to the directories, you can hire the SEO company. The SEO company offers directory submission at a cheap price. The directory submission is performed by a group of staffs that are good at search engine optimization. They are familiar with the guidelines in the directories so your website will get approved within a short time. Different SEO company charge a different price. You have to perform research so that you can find out which SEO company is offering the cheapest price. Performing price comparison is important because it enables you to save a lot of money.

A couple beginner tips, low cost/free money making methods for beginners

You see I don’t put a title like “easy $100 a day” and then put a afflink to a CPA network in my signature because IM is not easy! It get’s easier with experience and money but it’s still hard work.

Most people will fail because they procrastinate or give up too fast or even both, with no money or very little money there are no fast ways or get rich quick schemes!



CPA and Affiliate marketing are IMO the easiest to begin with if you are new to IM.

With no money or very little money you won’t make a killing but at least you can earn some money to buy a domain name and some hosting then rinse and repeat, scale etc.

What’s the difference between CPA and AM?

Not much to be honest, you can see a CPA network as a collection of different AM offers packed together.

A couple advantages and disadvantages for both of them:

CPA Network

Advantages: You can find different products and you will be paid for all of them through the CPA network that usually pays faster than direct AM and it’s easier for you to keep track of things.

Disadvantages: As they are the middle man logically they take a cut. Once you made some good money you can usually convince them to pay you a better percentage ;)

A couple CPA networks I work with:

For top offers I use MaxBountyPeerfly and Crakrevenue(18+, gaming).

For content locking CPAgripadworkmediaCPAbuild and OGads.

Now the first 3 I mentioned are a little harder to get into and MaxBounty even requires a phonecall so you really need to know what to say and that is basically convince them that you know how marketing works and how you will be promoting them which usually works better if you got your own domain and site but I talked my way into all of them when I had no XP and no sites so it’s still possible ;)

The last 4 I mentioned are pretty easy to get into just use your brain a little bit.

Now there are literally hundreds of networks, you can go check out the offervault to find offers you like and see which network is connected to it.

Always look up a review when you join a new network that can save you a lot of headache down the line.

Direct Affiliate Marketing

Advantages: Usually easier to get accepted and higher payouts.

Disadvantages: The more products you promote the more you need to keep track of everything.

Direct AM can be for example promoting SemRush they pay 40% every month for every customer you bring them, kwfinder they pay 30% lifetime commission or other software tools or an AM program of a web hosting company. (note: the semrush and kwfinder links are not aff links but links to their aff program)

OFC the most known one is Amazon which I never promote because I think they are greedy AF with their 6% commission but if you can drive a lot of traffic it can be worth it I guess.

Most of the time if a website offers an affiliate program you can find it in the footer of their website or you just google the keyword with “affiliate program” behind it for example: Nike affiliate program or whatever.

Non Direct Affiliate Marketing

Advantages: Like CPA networks have a lot of different offers and even more diverse products, they are easy to register with and payouts go through their gateway.

Disadvantages: Can be hard to find quality products as a lot is pretty much crap.

Most common sites for non direct AM are clickbank and JVzoo both are very easy to register with only products on JVzoo are harder to promote as you need to convince the seller you have good methods to sell their products.

If you want to learn a bit more about promoting CB products you could read @mancar487guide.

So to sum it up. Offers from CPA networks, direct AM and non direct AM you can promote for free or with a small amount of cash but it will require effort and time!

Next I will be talking a bit on where and how.

Free Domains/Sites/Hosting

As you don’t have money for a domain and hosting you will have to come up with different tactics.

You can build free landing-pages and sites on WixWeebly and jimdo there are probably more but these are best known and come to my mind.

Keep in mind though, they will never convert as good as having your own domain and site because theirs are on their sub-domains and the free packages come with limitations but with double the effort and creativity you can make some money of it.

If you’re more into blogging you can create a free web 2.0 with is when you have your own hosting), blogger or Tumblrfor visual blogging.

You can also get a free domain name with the following extensions .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ at freenom.

I don’t have experience with them so I took a quick look through their TOS so you don’t have to. You can forward those domains however they can’t be forwarded to any porn, gambling, weapon related offers so besides that it seems you can forward them to a legit offer.

Where there are free domains there are also free hosters. I would never advice to use free hosting as they all got their issues in one way or another. If you have never worked with WP, Cpanel, PHP etc it could serve it’s purpose of getting some experience but I wouldn’t use them for business.

One of the most used is 000webhost I linked it to a review page about them so you can judge for yourself what you want to do with them.

Again, free domains and hosting will never be as good to having your own domain and hosting but with a little bit of creativity you can earn some small money from it.

Free Methods

So the obvious free methods is creating social media profiles and start growing them.

I don’t know how many profiles you can make on your home IP without trouble but I have at least 5-6 profiles of each on my home IP.


You can start a fan page, group and post in groups relatively easy where most beginners go wrong is spamming the shit out of it.

Facebook doesn’t allow paid shortlinks anymore like adfly however they still accept non paid shortlinks like and bitly but it comes with restrictions.

Direct AM links are usually the website name and after the / your ID for example:


These usually work with bitly and and I tested them on several social platforms and they work.

However CPA links are usually long and ugly like this:


They are either blocked by bitly/ or the SM platform and most likely by both.

So what is the free solution if you want to promote a CPA offer?

You redirect them to your blog/landing-page and from there you can send them to a CPA offer.

Now don’t go spamming all over the place because people will report your ass real fast which will result in 30 day bans and in some cases permabans.

Play it smart!

You make a catchy niche related Facebook fan page, make a nice profile photo logo, a nice banner and configure the settings. I won’t go over that in this thread but I might do it later on but it isn’t that hard to figure out.

Either start posting your own niche articles from your blog or post stuff from the internet, post short posts directly, memes, YouTube vids etc.

A simple example: one of MB offers is the South Beach Diet, this is the website to get some inspiration.

So make a fan-page named “South Beach Diet Review” or “The Diet Professionals” or whatever that is related to it.

Post some beautiful bodies, some before/after photo’s, articles and somewhere along the line you direct it to one of your landers or blog articles where you basically tell them how awesome the product is and then direct it to the offer.

Now join niche related groups and visit niche related pages just like some stuff, do some casual replies but whatever you do don’t start spamming.

Now if you are on a desktop you can embed your posts with example by pressing the 3 horizontal dots of your post, select embed, then advanced settings and copy the URL post.

On your mobile you can direct copy the link but you will have to add your own text and photo.

Don’t mention any offers, just post something like “these before and after results are awesome”and link it to your page or something like that.

You could also share the post of your fanpage on your own page and then post that directly in any group you are part off but don’t do it too often as group owners usually don’t like it.

Don’t copy paste that everywhere because you will get banned, diversify, be creative.


Instagram is straight forward. Create IG with a niche related name, start posting niche related photo’s with each photo you post 2-3 words that describes the photo or says a quote then place 20-30 related #hastags with it and start following people.

Don’t know who to follow? Let’s keep using the South Beach Diet offer as example so you look up personal trainers like Shaun TTony HortonJillian Michaels etc they all have many followers and you go follow their followers.

If your profile, photo’s are interesting they will follow back. Don’t add any link to your blog or your free domain that directs to your offer directly.

First have a couple thousand followers and build some trust.

Now I’m not going into any deeper details about IG, use your brain and creativity, check successful accounts and copy their methods.

If you want a really detailed guide about IG you can check out @IGKing eBook which goes into detail how you can grow your account.


Now this is a favorite of mine, I haven’t worked a lot with YouTube but I know it works very well if you know what you are doing.

Same as with FB, you can short-link direct AM but CPA will get blocked so you will have to redirect those too.

You can create your own review videos in English or for your own language whatever suits the offer.

To help you create the right titles and video tags you can use the free version chrome plugin named VidIQ, don’t like chrome? NP, there is another plugin which has a free version that also works on Firefox named TubeBuddy.

Both can be cracked and ironically you can find how on YouTube. :D

If you need inspiration just look up a successful competitor and see how they did it and copy their style with your own touch.

Now maybe you don’t like being on videos and you have no camera to film with, you can use Creative Commons videos.

It used to be possible to straight upload them to your channel and edit them but as usual YT had the bright Idea to remove that option.

How it is set up now, if you find a CC video officially you should message the owner and hope they ever reply and then ask if they still got the video so they can share it with you o_O

So fuck that! Find a Creative Commons video by selecting the Creative Common option in the filter after you searched what you were looking for.


Choose a video that will suit your project and download it with a Firefox/Chrome plugin and start editing it to your liking.

Now pretty much every expensive video editing software can be found for free on the internet if you look hard enough but here are a 2 free and simple choices, VideopadVSDC.


I know there is money to be made there but still haven’t played with it because I don’t like the platform at all so I can’t tell you much about it but @William702 made a thread on how to earn start up money so check it out and it might help you.


Basically the same rules count for twitter as for FB and IG. Make your profile, profile photo, cover photo pro and stand out.

Follow the followers of big accounts in your niche, retweet niche related stuff, retweet your IG photos, FB posts, your blog posts and once you got a couple thousand followers and build some trust put in articles with AM short-links or redirect from twitter to your landing page or blog.


This can be a good way to generate traffic and leads but again, don’t spam it, play it smart.

Basically in marketing and all social media profiles it needs to look professional, that people see it, read it and think, this page/person is legit.

On Quora it’s important you have a good representative photo, a well written bio and good credentials.

It doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself just a representative looking one and the credentials don’t have to be real either just make them believable.

Now you are going to look for questions related to the offer so if we are still using the South Beach Diet you going to find diet related questions that aren’t answered a lot already and preferably not answered at all.

You give a descent constructed answer with a link to your landing page/blog, direct AM link work also, rinse and repeat but don’t spam and constant use the same answer, spin it a bit ;)

Blog Replies/Forum:

Another oldie but free and will only cost you time is replying on niche related blogs and forums.

There are many blogs on the internet where you can leave a reply. There are paid tools to find them easily but the free way you just go to google and type the kw+blog+leave a comment or leave a reply for example

diet blog leave a comment

Like everything else, don’t make it obvious! Give a genuine reply like: “I really enjoyed your post, especially the part about [whatever is in the post] it reminds me of the post I read on [your blog, landing page etc]. Something like it, be creative with it ;)

For forums you look up niche related forums preferably ones that allow a signature, don’t add a banner or link straight away if you haven’t post anything yet because it would be too obvious. Just reply a bit here and there and when you have been there for a while fill in your bio.

So if you are a member of a fitness forum fill in your bio that you are a fitness instructor, nutrition adviser, diet blogger whatever and as with everything else, make it look legit. Usually you can fill in a website with your bio so put a bitly link or a link to your blog/landing page.

When you are familiar with that forum a bit and they allow signatures create some 728×90 banner and link it to your direct AM offer or to your blog/landing-page.

Usually linking a banner goes like this


Now For Some Unethical Methods:

Not going into too much details but a couple methods that are free but can be unethical for some.

Porn Re-Upload:

Now I know many have tried this and many have an interest in this.

I did this for a little while in the beginning so I can tell you something about it.

Again, it’s almost completely free, you will need a domain name to redirect it to an afflink. The free domain names don’t allow it so you need to buy a $0.48/$0.88 domain name.

I guess you can do it completely free if you use a bit of the e-whoring tactic and that is setting up a profile and PM people and post the afflink but you will get banned fast.

What you will be doing is downloading porn videos that don’t have any watermarking in it yet, preferably webcam videos or amateur/home-made.

So what you do is search for a nice offer with crakrevenue or you use chaturbate aff program but IMO chaturbate don’t convert well anymore for the reason that so many people already doing it plus on chaturbate you can pretty much see it all for free.

Once you got the above done you are going to redirect your domain to the offer and watermark your domain in the porn videos and upload them to porn sites. I’m not going to post which sites allow it but the easiest one and most used is Xvideos.

Keep in mind though, this is a heavily saturated method and don’t think you will earn big with a few videos or even after 50 videos. You will need at least hundreds of videos and probably thousands to have a good ROI (return of investment either for the time or money spend)

Of course there are a couple tweaks and things you can do to make it work better but I will leave it up to you to find out what works best.


I think I saw a thread with a title like “easy $100 a day” with surveys somewhere.

Now for me, if I see easy in the title I’m already suspicious because it’s never easy and then when I see a afflink in the signature to sign up on a CPA network I already know it’s BS.

Anyway, surveys. Surveys are a CPA offer and basically it means if you can send someone to sign up with a survey offer you get $1/$2 per signup. You can make a little beer money with this but constant $100 a day..unless you have a very good email list, forget about it.

Like the porn re-upload method, this is very saturated and you will see these kind of offers in every marketing FB group that don’t have moderation.

You could tweak this method a bit as I did but it’s a little unethical.

Now most of the survey offers run in multiple GEO’s so I would look for a survey offer that also runs in your country.

What you are going to do is create a job ad on your local classified sites or job sites, now of course you are not going to place an ad that mentions the survey but you create a genuine ad that looks like a real job ad for sales assistant or whatever and that it pays $2000 a month.

When people email you either reply with that there are too many people applying and meanwhile they can take a look at this offer(html link to the CPA offer) or whatever sounds believable, try some things out and see what works best.


I don’t have much experience with Reddit or LinkedIn, I tried to find a good Reddit thread on BHW but couldn’t find none so did a quick google search and I found this thread from @gh0st_0 that holds some good info.

I also don’t have much knowledge about LinkedIn but after some searching on BHW I found this thread from @marsocal that at the bottom has some great value.

Now I could continue with dozens of things but this is pretty much the basics and very doable if you don’t have money as it is all free.

If you got any skills like webdesign, logo design or maybe you are good in translating English to your language or vice versa, play the guitar, can make jewelry whatever skill you can think off if you are good at it you can make money on these 3 platforms:

FiverrUdemy and Etsy.

Of course you will have mass competition but hey it’s never easy :) basic marketing skills apply:

Make your profile top notch, good text, good photos and always reply ASAP.

Some ideas what to do with certain amounts of money besides the above.


Well, I’ve seen somebody asking what to do with $5 dollars and TBH you can’t do a whole lot with that.

I know namecheap has $0.88 domain names but there seems some kind of sale going on and now they got $0.48 domains so you could buy 10 domains and forward them :D

IMO you should put the $5 in your piggy-bank till you can pay for hosting and a .com/.net/.org name.
Or if you going to make a churn and burn site meaning you won’t be expecting it to be live for long due to BH methods you can go with any cheap domain.

Does that mean you can’t make money with $5 at all? No! I actually made a little change with 5 money and a Wix lander through Facebook in the beginning.

I did what I described in the free methods and when I got a good offer I made a ad looking post on my page and boosted it with $5 and this was the result incl the posts I had on my page and groups.

Not that much but seeing it only cost $5 the ROI was 10 times :)

Which reminds me, always check out this FB tool very handy to research demographics.


Now you can get a $1 .com from godaddy if you hadn’t already and get some cheap hosting for a year from the BHW marketplace.

Some are so cheap that I don’t know what to think of it and I can’t say anything about em also so you would have to try them out yourself.

I rather pay a little more and have good 24/7 support, own the hardware and owners that actually finished school in IT like my buddy @HudsonWebServices and yes that means you should check out his sales thread ;)

Now that you have a domain name and hosting it’s time to install WP, not going into detail about how to do that as YT is full with tutorials about it.

There are plenty of free themes and plugins and what you want to do is setup a niche site and basically do everything I described in this thread.

You could also try out some premium themes and plugins from @Festinger ‘s repository here.

They are not nulled otherwise I would’t have linked it, I don’t know if they will be updated but they come in handy when you are broke.

I advice when you got some money to always buy the themes and plugins so you will always have the updates.

I know it’s very tempting when you are broke to use nulled themes and plugins but if you are serious about your site just DON’T do it!!

The chances it has malicious code in the script is too big and believe me, you don’t want that drama!


It’s still very little money but after you got your domain and hosting you got some spare change left which you can use for different things.

You can play around and test some things I described for FB, you can buy some back links to your site although I recommend you do this yourself in the beginning or you can manipulate SM through SMM panels you can find in the BHW MP.

For example you can make a fake game hack video on YouTube, buy some views and like and redirect the traffic to your site/fake lander.

Not going into detail how to do it exactly but you can read a bit about it in @ZlatanTheGodthread.

It’s also heavily saturated and you probably won’t make as much as ZTG did unless you scale it but again it can give you some start up money.

I also did this but I didn’t follow the guide exactly and made a fake key hack for Destiny 2 two weeks before they released the game so I had massive competition but it still made me some bucks that month.

This concludes my thread for beginners for now.


There are literally tons of other methods around but I hope this will give you newbies at least some ideas or insights on what you can start doing right away.

All these methods work!! But a lot of people can’t make them work because they give up too fast and yes are too lazy!

I can’t stress enough to make it clear IM is not easy when you start out and have little or no money to spend, it will require a lot of patienceperseverance and consistency!

That will mean that even when it seems something is not working you need to continue!Even when you failed 10 times you need to continue!

But if you keep procrastinating, keep making excuses like “I don’t have money, I don’t have time, I will probably fail, Nobody helps me, I don’t know what to do” you will never make it!!

You don’t have to succeed straight from the beginning!

Many of us and many of those selfmade marketing millionairess failed tons of times but OFC they only talk about their successes but they have failed many times too ;) the difference is that they didn’t give up and so shouldn’t you!

Don’t let fails bring you down, see it as marketing lessons and added experience you didn’t had before and learn from it and improve!

Keep this in mind:


Now I understand many people live in shittier places on this planet than some others but don’t let that be an excuse, where there is a will there is a way.

At some point in my life I slept outside when it was fucking freezing -15C/-5F and nobody giving a shit.

I had nothing but the clothes on my back, a backpack, a sleeping bag and a tarp.

But you can imagine how depressing it is when you have to sleep outside in the middle of the fucking winter with no-one to care about you so I don’t care how bad your situation is, you can overcome!

I’m not one of those guys that state “if I can do it so can you” while they lived their life normally but I know the shit life and if I can make a little bit of money so could you!

If you give in you have let the world, the government, the elites, the system win and I don’t care if I die rich or poor but I will never let those motherfuckers win! And you shouldn’t either!!

This video has been posted many times all over the place but I still listen to it every now and then because it’s the truth that you need to keep reminding yourself!

A couple extra links :)

If you need to find some free tools check out @Asif WILSON Khan list of 400 free tools.

If you want to know about some basic things about dropshipping check my basic thread.

If you got some money to spend and interested in a super easy to rank CPA site completely made for you check out @ZlatanTheGod@BassTrackerBoats and my sales thread here.

And yes that was some self promoting which I feel entitled to after this long ass thread I made for you guys :D

I hope some of you beginners/newbies now know a bit of how some aspects of marketing works and that it motivates you to take action!

Let me know if this was useful and if you have any questions drop them in this thread. I will be more than happy to help out when I can.

Reddit – An untapped market? $1000+/month guide

Hello guys,

Today I would like to tell you about the potential of reddit + adsense and some tips & tricks. I have thought about using $$$ in the title, because that is what everyone is looking for. Just remember, it’s all up to you. You can make just $100 or $100 000 a month, or nothing at all. It’s all up to you, your dedication and your skills.

The Traffic

According to similar web, reddit is 36th most visited website in the world with 40% of the traffic coming from the US. Reddit receives monthly 1.7 BILLION traffic. As many of you know, US traffic has the highest CPC in Adsense.


I will exactly tell you which niches bring easy traffic and money. It is „Technology“, „Cryptocurrencies“, „Political news“, „Uplifting news“.


Age is very important. Both the website you are going to promote and the reddit account you are using should be old. The age of the domain should be atleast 3 months, but the older, the better. Same with the reddit account – older the account, the higher chance of your upvotes getting counted and higher chances of getting to the front page of your subreddit.

„Aim low“

You always hear to „aim high“ but in this case the opposite is better. You should aim to get to the front page of subreddits rather than whole reddit (/r/all). Most websites can’t handle the „reddit hug of death“ because of their cheap hosting. If you are low on money, you wouldn’t be even able to afford such an expensive hosting and it would be waste from the beggining. Aim to rank on subreddits rather than getting to the front page and upgrade your hosting and buy/send more upvotes later when you have made your money.

The top subreddits to post in are, /r/Futurology, r/The_Donald, /r/UpliftingNews/, /r/Cryptocurrency (and other crypto related subreddits). These subreddits have a lot of traffic and they are open to „unknown“ websites (like yours). Other subreddits with so many subscribers accept links just from big websites like bbc, cnn and so on.


There are two ways to boost your link. If your content is good, it will start getting hundreds of upvotes in these subreddits, but you should boost your link initially. You can either buy upvotes or buy accounts and upvote yourself. You do not need proxy for each account, you can just use VPN to switch between IPs. Do not forget to clear cookies between each upvote, log off the account before changing IP and so on. The more popular sub you target, the faster (and more often) you can upvote your links. However, to be safe, you should NOT upvote your link more than 10 times before the 10 minute mark or it will get instantly removed. Accounts do NOT need to have comment history to have their upvotes count.

Adsense isn’t the only option

Even though Adsense pays the most (especially with the niches I wrote about earlier) not everyone can get their Adsense account approved or has problems getting paid. I suggest using native ad networks alongside adsense (or instead of it, if you are really unable to get adsense account). They will make your website look „larger“ with ad posts, they are easier to get accepted to and they often pay to paypal too.

It is also possible to promote ecommerce websites or CPA websites, but it is so much harder. Your average redditor is tech savvy and will understand that you are just trying to sell something right away and downvote your content. That’s why I suggest using adsense and native ads.

Obviously, your content must be good, unique. Just look at the past posts that have reached the front page of your chosen subreddit and try to imitate the style of the article and website.

I will attach screenshots of traffic and earnings that came from reddit.

Happy earnings!